We began with the end in mind. We want a bullying prevention program that will decrease the number of bullying incidents in our schools. Our data indicate that bullying is a significant issue in Stark County schools.  We need to take action!



In 2011, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton invited the Stark County Educational Service Center and the Stark County Parochial Schools to meet and discuss the widespread concern of bullying in schools. With the Foundation’s encouragement and support, the partner schools began researching best-practice models to curb bullying and found the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. In August 2011, the Sisters of Charity Foundation awarded a three-year grant to allow the Stark County Educational Service Center, in partnership with the Stark County Parochial Schools, to implement the Olweus Program. Since then, multiple funders, schools, and community partners have joined in the effort to extend this program throughout the county and beyond.


Stark County Students Report:

  • A consistent reduction in the percentage of students “telling no one” that they have been bullied over three years.  The percentage of students reporting bullying rather than “telling no one” is above the national comparison.
  • A reduction of reported bullying in the parochial elementary schools.
  • County wide, empathy is high.  The majority (88%) of students note empathy for victims of bullying with most (64%) agreeing that they would “try to help the bullied student.”

Stark County Teachers Report:

  • 93% of teachers reported that they agreed or strongly agreed that they are committed to the OBPP.
  • Teachers strongly agreed or agreed that they have developed more positive relationships with their students (84%) and have observed more positive relationships among their students (85%).  They have also seen these positive relationships reflected between staff and students (75%).  
  • 100% of teachers surveyed strongly agreed or agreed that they intervene when they see bullying behavior.